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Re: EpDis: Ship Of Tears

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
I have not yet read any of the Babylon 5 books or comics, although I did recently order "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" (while watching the first season, on a whim I googled "What happens to Catherine Sakai after Sinclair travels through time?" or something similar, and was lead to that book). I haven't yet read it, though. I don't know why I seem to be waiting until after I'm done watching all the episodes .. Not like there's anything I have't seen before that might be spoiled ...
It's pretty good, one of the best tie-in novels and I think considered 100% canon by JMS (his ex-wife did write it after all). I'd read it after watching War Without End, just so you can refresh your memory about Sinclair's storyline. The book also shows you the other side to Sinclair's message to Garibaldi in Coming of Shadows and Rathenn, who is in the book and also some of the comics is also in WWE and Grey 17.

You might also want to read the comic series In Valen's Name. The art is a bit iffy, the story is okay but it ties in with WWE and To Dream In the City of Sorrows. Join all the pieces together and the ending to Sinclair's (and Sakai's) story is quite satisfying though look out for a huge typo at the end of the comic.

In fact, read all the comics they all tie into the series one way or another.
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