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Re: EpDis: Exogenesis

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
More about links: I talked about this a little bit in the "Voices of Authority" thread (it's a very public way of communicating), but here's some other details we learn about communicating via link in the B5 universe: Marcus is unable to use Franklin's link. Those things apparently have bio sensors of some kind. That seems like a good safety feature. It raises some questions about that time the Green Drazi used Ivanova's link in The Geometry of Shadows. They must have either forced her to use it, or used it while holding it against her skin (seems more likely). It's also good to know that unauthorized use of a link sends an alert.

What we also see here is that apparently a connection isn't made just by pushing the buttons. Dr. Franklin gets cut off while he is trying to contact security and no message goes out. That makes sense, considering those buttons are so prominent on the outside of a thing you wear on your hand. I'd be pushing them on accident all the time. It does mean their voice recognition has to be pretty good
I'd love to know how those links are meant to work. Two buttons and a tiny microphone/speaker, and yet you can seemingly do everything with them, from turning on the TV to flying the White Star!
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