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Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing

Yea ... this episode. Half of it is solid, and fits thematically with the rest of Babylon 5. The other half is just .. weird.

For a while I thought that I just didn't GET it. I have been known to not get things, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch. And it seems like there's almost something there... That weird cult seems to be based on Minbari beliefs, this must be something to do with the Minbari war? The Zarg seems so laughable it can't be meant as a "real" thing ... I thought perhaps it was some kind of vision, dream, or metaphor .. But, no. Based on what I see here and on the Lurker's Guide, I guess it really was just a bad episode .. or, half episode, anyway. I'm vaguely reminded of that strange haunted house episode of the X Files, but that weirdness worked quite a bit better ... I do enjoy the meta humor of Robert Englund inspecting the scissor-like hands of the dead Zarg.

As for the Neroon story ... I think it's excellent. This is the Babylon 5 I know and love! The thing about it is ... Neroon has a very good point. He's clearly the antagonist here, and we all root for Delenn because we know and love her, and understand that she truly is trying to save the universe and all that. But she IS a religious zealot, as Neroon claims. She's building an army, all based on prophecy. That's quite alarming to an outsider. Of course we know that the prophecy was all based on real knowledge, but .. yea.

It feels very satisfying to see Marcus take on Neroon in defense of Delenn, and in doing so convince him that Delenn should indeed be the leader of the Rangers, but I do feel a bit uncomfortable with "We live for the One, we die for the One". It sounds cool and all, but no one is always right! Not even THE one Of course I haven't undergone extensive training on Minbar, but I wouldn't lightly vow to die for someone, certainly not someone I didn't have a close personal relationship with. Most of the Rangers presumably barely know Ranger One.

But, anyway, I like that part a lot. I always like Neroon episodes. He's great.

A question: would the Den'Sha (guessing at the spelling here ) be something that is known to Minbari via legend only? If no Minbari has killed a Minbari in a thousand years, why is this still common knowledge? Is this some kind of cautionary tale? "In the Dark Days, when Minbari killed Minbari"?
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