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Re: EpDis: Walkabout

It's a decent semi-arc episode. The Walkabout story is not terribly exciting. It gives us some more insight into Dr. Franklin's personality and all the stuff he's going through. I'm not sure we really NEEDED that at this point, but it's OK. It's not horrible and I quite enjoyed the songs Cailin performed (I did not realize JMS wrote those, I just read that in the Lurker's Guide a few minutes ago). But, there's a victory against the Shadows in this episode, so that's a pretty big deal. And then there's the new Kosh ...

New Kosh is kind of scary. He's not very nice to Lyta. She seemed pretty happy when she returned from the Vorlon homeworld, so presumably this isn't the way the Vorlons normally treat her. Perhaps it is as she says, they are upset by Kosh's death. I like the appropriate encounter suit design. I never quite could work out what the deal is with the Vorlon ship and how it pops up to say hi (?) to Sheridan. Is Sheridan supposed to be able to read the words on the side of the ship? I checked the Lurker's Guide, but it appears as though this isn't anything really important. I'd really like to know what happened there! Also, do you think it freaked out people in C&C when that ship didn't start docking, but instead randomly shot up like that?

It's a good thing it was Sheridan who ran over to Lyta to check on her after she collapsed. Otherwise she wouldn't have seen Kosh's death and gotten all angry and things would have ended rather badly. I was pleased to see G'Kar arrive, and that he brought the cavalry. I'm quite surprised that that Narn cruiser was able to do so much damage to the Shadow ship. Ok, so we can't actually see what damage it is doing, but it stopped the ship from pursuing the White Star, in any case.

As for the Walkabout story ... Leave it to Dr. Franklin to totally butt into someone else's life after just meeting them, and while still in bed with them. Not even just about the drinking (look who's talking!), but even before that, when he's telling her that she shouldn't be living there like she is, as though she isn't an autonomous person perfectly capable of making her own decisions. I guess she was in too much pain to kick him out of the bed
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