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Re: EpDis: A Late Delivery From Avalon

You make a good point about Dr. Fraklin's inability to deal with this situation. It hadn't occurred to me until you mentioned it, but why is it even Dr. Franklin who is treating this patient? Obviously he took an interest because he happened to be there when the guy drew his sword at customs, but ... isn't there someone more qualified to deal with this? If 23rd century medical school is anything like 21st century medical school, Dr. Franklin would have some basic psychiatry knowledge, but still, presumably a station that size would have someone who actually specialized in that sort of thing. Or a psychologist, perhaps. When that mad bomber was on the loose in Convictions, an explosives expert (a character we'd never seen before, and never saw again) appeared on Garibaldi's side, rather than Garibaldi trying to play explosives expert himself.

But, even lacking an actual specialist, you'd think Dr. Franklin would be better at dealing with this... He was in the Minbari war, himself. He must have treated tons of people with war traumas, PTSD, survivors guilt, ... in the 13 or so years since the war. I would hope that Earth Force has developed ways of dealing with these things .. But even if they didn't, Dr. Franklin is a pretty smart guy .. why is he not better at this?

He seemed extremely impatient with this patient. Is that just his character? His constant need to fix things? Or is it his stim problem?
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