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Re: EpDis: Ship Of Tears

Well, look at that, Mr. Bester has feelings! I see that's been discussed at length in this thread, and I now know which books to read to learn more about Bester and his feelings. I have not yet read any of the Babylon 5 books or comics, although I did recently order "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" (while watching the first season, on a whim I googled "What happens to Catherine Sakai after Sinclair travels through time?" or something similar, and was lead to that book). I haven't yet read it, though. I don't know why I seem to be waiting until after I'm done watching all the episodes .. Not like there's anything I have't seen before that might be spoiled ...

I'm kind of surprised that people are so optimistic about ISN returning. I mean, I'm sure they're happy that there's going to be something on and they won't be so disconnected, but surely they'll have to know that ISN is still operating under President Clarke's regime? They were all there when ISN went offline, they saw how it went ...Especially Ivanova, she has never been much of an optimist, now has she?

I feel for them when that chipper anchor starts telling great big lies, and happy, optimistic expectation is suddenly over.

It's interesting that whenever a group of people are watching an ISN broadcast on a public TV somewhere in the Zocalo, a single person can turn it off (by saying "off!!", no less ), and no one else in the audience ever says "Hey, I was watching that!!"

The new Star Furies are pretty neat. Who is that behind Sheridan in the one Star Fury? Just a random unnamed pilot?

Bester's elaborate plan to get to Babylon 5 is an interesting one .. and necessary, I suppose. It's an interesting new "alliance". The bits with him on the White Star are pretty funny. The frozen telepaths part is mostly just sad ... especially the one that wakes up and entangles herself with all the electronics in medlab.

The parts with Delenn and G'Kar are great. I can't help but feel bad for the both of them.

Garibaldi is pretty funny in his smugness as he waits for everyone to arrive in the war room. "Do not THUMP the book of G'Quon .. it is disrespectful!" is a pretty good line, too And what a great "reveal"! The Shadows don't like telepaths! A weapon, at last!
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