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Re: EpDis: A Late Delivery From Avalon

This is a pretty solid standalone episode, I think. I can see how there might a moment of dread as one first starts watching this episode and thinks "Oh no, a King Arthur episode??", but as always, it's not quite that ...

The acting is great, and the music is very fitting. I like King Arthur and Sir G'Kar as a team, and drunk G'Kar is very amusing. I especially like the Minbari war background, and Delenn as the "Lady of the Lake". It makes sense that only she can "absolve" him and make him snap out of it.

Sindatur makes a good point above, about what things were like when you only got one episode a week. I had quite forgotten what it was like when we had to actually wait for episodes to come out! I never watched Babylon 5 on TV, I watched it on VHS as the episodes were released on tape. That means we got multiple episodes to watch every time a tape arrived, but we to wait something like a month between tapes (I can't quite remember). I can imagine that in the middle of the third season, when tension is high, a non-arc episode might be a bit annoying. We've been so spoiled by DVD sets and Netflix

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention. The name of this episode is so great! (Again )
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