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Re: EpDis: Sic Transit Vir

An episode all about Vir? What an excellent idea! Another really clever episode name, too!

I've always liked the bit with the bugs in Londo's quarters. It makes sense in the context of Babylon 5 breaking away from Earth, and not everything operating quite as it should. Mostly it's just funny. I still fairly regularly use the phrase "There are more of you!!"

We've seen the Vir character develop and he really gets to shine, here. The bit in the teaser is great, where we see him in a room full of Narns, just after Virini makes that joke about a room full of angry Narns. I've only recently started noticing the guilty look on Vir's face when Londo asks him if he has anything interesting to report. I guess before I was too distracted by the Lyndisty storyline, because this happens just after Londo hides her in his bedroom.

I love the whole Abrahamo Linconi thing. Vir trying his best to do something good. I feel so bad for him when he's trying to get Ivanova to stop talking about it in front of Londo, but of course that's not happening.

The awkward conversation between Vir and Ivanova is pretty funny, but I'd agree with Alioth upthread that it seems unlikely she wouldn't have known about the Centauri's six appendages. But, funny. Vir being his usual awkward bumbling self. It works.

Lyndisty is interesting. "A true Centauri" indeed. I'm kind of disappointed in Vir in that he is still sort of interested in her after he finds out that she has singlehandedly murdered something like a thousand Narns. Isn't the whole point of his character that he's not that kind of Centauri? I guess he's more conflicted when he finds them attractive?

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