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Re: EpDis: Severed Dreams

This one is really great, from the beginning to the end. This is Babylon 5 at its very best. Also, I've commented elsewhere that some of the B5 special effects look a bit dated now, but when I watched this last night, I didn't notice that at all. There's so much SFX in this episode, but the whole thing looks entirely believable to me. Incidentally, I don't think I've mentioned this in any of my other comments, but I really like the look of the Earth ships. They're so clunky and utilitarian-looking, I love it. Great contrast with the more organic look of the Minbari ships.

There's just SO MUCH here to comment on, I don't even know what to say here ...

The first few scenes:

A bit of humor at the beginning, with Londo complaining about the inefficiency of the Narns in security and being held up by one such Narn who overheard him, but then it gets serious right away.

I like that we're taken inside the Alexander as it is being pursued by the Clarkstown. That's a pretty intense bit (I suppose most of this episode is), with the second in command trying to convince Major Ryan that they REALLY need to shoot at the ship pursuing them. Then they destroy the Clarkstown and Major Ryan talks about its captain, his family and his cat Max. He sums it up quite nicely with "That's what makes this war different than anything we've ever fought before: this time we know everyone we kill".

Lest we forget the Shadow war is also building, a ranger brings ill tidings from the non-aligned worlds. And G'Kar apparently likes to lurk around the docking area

A whole lot of stuff happens in quick succession regarding the stuff going on on Earth: we learn of the bombing on Mars, the colonies all seceding, chaos at ISN, ships on their way to take over B5, with or without the Alexander there ...

I love the "Fight or surrender?" scene and the holographic announcement where Sheridan tells everyone Babylon 5 is also seceding. It's really on now!

Also, the more quiet scene of Sheridan calling him to talk to his father which contrasts nicely with all the hectic scenes of everyone quickly preparing for the fight.

Then, Ivanova convincing Sheridan that she needs to go out there with the Star Furies, and the look they share when she goes out. It's serious.

The whole fight sequence is super intense, and although I know exactly what is going to happen, I still watch it on the edge of my seat. As Ellipsis said upthread this isn't just a space fight, it's a tragedy. It would probably feel like that if you only had this episode to go on, but with everything that's come before it's just incredibly intense and sad. The music is appropriately funereal, too.

Same for the inside fight scenes. That slow motion shot of all those Narn security guards running towards the fight and getting shot down .. wow.

And, in the midst of all that, there's this guy with a fire extinguisher putting out some flames in the background as Sheridan is talking to his crew. What a great little detail.

Delenn is of course totally amazing in this episode, taking on the Grey Council and Earth Force all in the same day. She's strong, determined, righteous, and not about to put up with anyone's crap. A pleasure to watch. Of course this gives her all the best lines. The "Why not? Only one human captain has ever survived battle with the Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me." bit is legendary.

It's great to see Sheridan's short-lived relief when the station survived the battle, which turns to something more like resignation when more Earth vessels show up, and then even more jump points form right above the station.

I agree with the one poster on this thread who rated this episode a C on one thing only: the hand kissing at the end. I thought it was a tad cheesy, from an early 21st century point of view. But it's a VERY minor detail and I don't care that much. Also, there's no way to know what that sort of thing might mean in the 23rd century B5 universe. Various meanings have been associated with it in different places and different times. We haven't seen anyone else to this on the show, and with the relationship between the two growing, it's most likely something romantic, though. Sheridan was probably feeling a whole lot of gratitude towards Delenn as she saved the day. He might have been in a "I could just kiss you all over !!" sort of mood, but decided that probably the hand was the only acceptable location to actually kiss her

I like how the episode ends on the Night Watch "Traitors can't hide" poster too. Another nice little detail.

That was a bit of a chaotic posts, apologies for that. Like I said, there is just so much here to comment on!
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