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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

That's a good point. I haven't checked any actual numbers but it seems that in quite a few of these nations that have long abolished the death penalty a not insignificant percentage of the population remains in favor. Perhaps it wouldn't take nearly as much as I think it would to convince governments to go back to the old ways ...

It occurs to me I neglected to comment on the other storylines of this episode

Lyta Alexander arrives back at Babylon 5 on Kosh's ship! That's a pretty big deal! Wouldn't we all love to know what she saw on the Vorlon homeworld ...

It's interesting that Dr. Franklin wasn't able to see Lyta's new gills. I guess the Vorlons are crafty that way.

Seeing Kosh leave Lyta's body is an exciting reveal. But, why does she look like crap right before that?

"A Minbari not born of Minbari". Now THERE is a setup for an exciting reveal In such a casual conversation, too. Nice.
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