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Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor

A solid season opener. I'm a big fan of the Season 3 opening sequence. It's especially exciting in the first episode because it's all "new"! I love the White Star shot in that. It makes me cheer a little

There's a lot of new stuff in this, which is mildly disorienting, perhaps. What's with the new medlab? The creators just wanted a change of scenery? I like the introduction of Marcus and I love the White Star. It's one cool-looking ship.

I agree that there's a bit of weird dialogue on board the White Star as they are being pursued by the Shadow ship. Just having a little chat, sort of thing. I hadn't given much thought to the "grave robbers" comment. It makes sense that if Sheridan was planning on blowing up a jumpgate, he'd try to do it with the one that would be the least missed ... But now that I think about it, he does seem overly angry about the grave robbing thing. It's kind of funny because there's a whole lot of grave robbing going on on this show, although they call it "archaeology" and it usually involves much longer dead worlds (Unrealistic and/or unethical archaeology in movies/tv shows is a pet peeve of mine ).

I too thought Delenn's action scene was neat. I feel it would have been wrong if she had just stood there. She isn't a violent person, but she'll fight (and kick ass!) if she needs to.

And yes, Londo ... Here he thought he was rid of the Shadows!

In this episode, I feel it's clear that darkness has fallen, but there's a ray of hope in there. There's the Rangers, there's the bright and shiny White Star, and there's an actual victory against a Shadow ship!
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