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Re: EpDis: Knives

You know what, upon reflection, I think I was wrong about most of the stuff I said above. I think I was being uncharacteristically optimistic, and it clouded my judgment. I was being a bit real life Earth-centric, too, I think.

Interstellar travel seems like sci-fi only. Humans aren't likely to develop such technologies anytime soon. Seems like if they are going to it'll be so far off, I LIKE to think that by that time humans will have sorted out all of that stuff within their own society (societies?). But that's really just me hoping, based on recent progress towards more equality and freedom.

Looking at the human past, it is quite clear that technological advances do happen in less than utopian societies. Those societies that have gotten the farthest in terms of space explorations have not necessarily been the most advanced in terms of human rights, freedom, and equality.

So I guess other than my WANTING it to be so, there is no reason for humans to sort all that stuff out before going anywhere, and there certainly isn't any reason for the Centauri not to be the way they are AND go into space ...

I have similar thoughts about some of the human stuff portrayed on B5. Earth seems to be doing pretty well for itself at the time the show starts. It seemed unrealistic to me that people were having to pay for medical care on Babylon 5 (Franklin mentions cost of treatment in "Believers", and then there's the free clinic he runs in downbelow in "The Quality of Mercy"), but again that's me basing what I think is realistic on what I HOPE would happen.

One thing I'm sure of is that alien contact would have a huge impact on any culture. It's hard to say exactly what kind of impact. That'll depend on the nature of the contact, among other things.

Excuse my double post! I didn't see any rule specifically forbidding that sort of thing, but do let me know if I've missed something!
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