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Re: Watching Babylon 5 in 2015

I've been doing a re-watch over the past year and have just reached the end of season 3 (yeah, it's a slow re-watch... what can I say, I don't get much spare time!). For me the show has held up fantastically in terms of story and characterisation. I do see how arc shows have evolved since then – compare the intricacies of storytelling in Game of Thrones to B5, and B5 does seem more episodic than it did at the time. But that's not a slight against B5 at all. There is a sense of the protagonists and the stage they are on being 20th century Earth reimagined in space, but I also think that's a quite valid storytelling approach. As for the effects, it's hard to say how well they've held up given that the DVDs are awful quality and not representative of how they were originally filmed. Even then, there are shots that still make me go 'wow'. They are not as slick as modern effects but there is something about the composition and poise of the effects shots that make up for it.

Twenty years ago as a teenager it was my favourite show and influenced me a lot growing up – suffice to say it is still my favourite show and probably always will be :-)

PS. By the way Lennier's Tears, welcome to the board and thanks for livening this place up!
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