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Re: EpDis: In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post

2. The Icarus. That ship and its history are introduced in a different episode, and someone mentioned it upthread already, but it bears repeating. Icarus is a terrible name for a spaceship! One of the worst possible names you could think of, really. I know it works with the story and all, but realistically, I can't imagine anyone naming a ship Icarus.
Actually, there is a project to design a starship called Icarus:

Its the next generation version of the Daedalus Project that British Interplanetary Society members designed in the 1970s.

But yes, I really like this episode. I'm not sure I personally see Sheridan as being out of line here. Yes, according to the rules he is, but he knows there is something fishy about Morden from the beginning. And we all know he was right.
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