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Watching Babylon 5 in 2015

As I mentioned in my introduction elsewhere on these boards, I am currently marathon-watching Babylon 5. I said in my other post that I was about halfway through season 2. I have watched several more episodes since I posted that, so now I'm getting near the end of season 2.

Whenever I re-watch Babylon 5, I notice new things. I also find that as I get older my perspective changes. One example is how I feel about the ten years that passed between the end of the Earth-Minbari war and the beginning of the show. When I was younger, that ten years seemed like a very long time. I felt like some characters on the show were overly hung up over something that happened so long ago. Now that I'm a bit older (I am 36), ten years seems like nothing at all. It seems entirely plausible that people would have been hung up on the events of the war ... And that war, of course, would have been an incredibly traumatic experience, not just for the people who fought in it, but for everyone on Earth, as humanity was brought to the brink of extinction. Now I almost feel like they seem to have bounced back from that rather too quickly!

Regardless of viewer's age, Babylon 5 is looking a bit dated now. Compared to what's on TV now, it doesn't look so fancy. The special effects aren't much to write home about. All the blue screen scenes look so fake now .. I wonder how I didn't notice that in the past. Is it just that my TV is a lot bigger now? That said, I love Babylon 5 dearly, and I don't care so much about the special effects. It's all about the story for me.

The other thing is that it's now "the future". Some technological developments of the past 20 years were not anticipated by the creators of the show (and how could they have been), which makes some elements of the show look a bit ridiculous now. For example, I find it hard to accept that people in the 23rd century get their news from actual paper newspapers and from the TV. Not just the TV, but a single channel on the TV. Social media must not have been invented in the B5 universe. Like when Ivanova is concerned that there was no news from Mars. Wouldn't she just quickly hop on her Facebook (or whatever they have in the 23rd century) to see what was going on? And wouldn't you have loved to see what people were tweeting during the ISN broadcast we see in "And Now For a Word"? I image that these kinds of discrepancies between the imaginary "future" of B5 and the real future will only grow as time goes on. Still, the story will remain and that is plenty good enough for me!

I notice there is a thread for each episode. I'll try to dig them out and stick my more episode-specific comments in there, as I go along. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you on how B5 looks to you now that it's 20 years old.
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