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Which storylines disappointed the most?

While the overall story arc of B5 was well done given the constraints of studio, budget, and actors coming/going I found a few storylines disappointing:

1) No 1 beef of all time - The Telepath War. There was none! This despite numerous hints that there was one coming. All we got was 'Jim Jones' Byron leading his lambs to the slaughter...

2) Mars - Built up as a major story during Seasons 1-3 this arc simply became a device for Sheridan to get to Earth. Not to mention the shoddy actors in the resistance...

3) Ivanova - Should have been B5 captain not Lockley (I know there were problems with getting Claudia to sign on) and her latent teep abilities could have developed into a great storyline with Bester and the Psi Corps...

4) The Alliance - I expected something better out of the ashes of the Shadow and Earth Wars. Poorly introduced in 'Rising Star' (an episode I despise), it is simply a galactic UN with all its incumbent squabbles. Should've been developed into something greater (as Delenn might say). Something that reflected the almost spiritual nature of the series.

5) The First Ones - For beings that are supposed to be almost god-like they never really amounted to much except as an example to the Shadows and the Vorlons to 'get the hell out of our galaxy' (a line that almost ruins the almost perfect 'Into The Fire' episode that ended the Shadow War)...

6) The B5 movies (except for 'In The Beginning') - A perfect opportunity to tie up loose ends wasted on what? I'm still trying to work it out.

7) Crusade and Legend Of The Rangers - Cancelled because they weren't B5. The Rangers/Technomages were not integral to the B5 story. A sequel series should have followed the Psi Corps/Centauri/Narn/Alliance story arcs. A 5 year series on finding a cure for a plague? Wouldn't hold my interest for 5 episodes...
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