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Re: How would you reboot B5?

Originally Posted by ranger phil View Post
If it's going to be 'Babylon 5' then it has to have 'Babylon 5' in it. What is the point of calling a movie 'Babylon 5' if it's about something else entirely?
Theres enough story in that 5 year arc to rip a chunk out and make a feature.
Good point. I suppose it really depends where JMS mind is at as to the ‘reboot’. Logically, I would assume he want to use this as a fresh start, so he can set a new baseline and then expand on it from there. The film could lead into a new TV series, with WB blessing, or it could be a series of films, which seems more likely. It all depends on where JMS wants to take it. To be a success, I think it has to start with a clean slate, essentially ignoring current continuity. No new audience is going to watch 5 years worth of TV to appreciate a feature film. Same was true of Serenity in relation to Firefly. Although, I will say this… it annoyed me deeply that all the characters were set back to square one. Rich, well rounded characters from the show characters had become ‘angry sarcastic captain’ and ‘crazy girl’. However, I understand why it needed to be done, and it was still amazing the film was made at all. As SF fans, we so often have to settle for less than what we deserve!

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
Which raises the question we've all been avoiding: Do we wanna even call it Babylon 5?

Would the name recognition even help at this point, or would it be a hinderance as we're kinda' on the ash heap of pop culture history? Might be best to just call it something completely new, and assume no built in audience.
Good point. Most of the enduring pop culture references to B5 are sadly, overwhelmingly negative. ‘Babylon 5 was a big pile of shit’ from SPACED is one that gets quoted ad nauseam. In the context of the episode it’s very funny, and is totally on the mark in terms of geek culture / comic shop type banter. But, it doesn’t really help the cause. Then there’s The Big Bang Theory, which constantly rubbishes the show via Sheldon. It’s the old Trek vs B5 thing. For the record I absolutely loathe The Big Bang Theory, it’s about as funny as Friends was, i.e. NOT FUNNY AT ALL. It’s an awful co-opting of geek culture with no real respect for it. Anyway, that’s probably a thread unto itself. Then there’s the reference in Breaking Bad, which was fairly neutral, only meant to indicate the character loved SF TV. It was a nice in joke for those who knew Cranston had been in B5.

So, on that evidence, maybe the B5 ‘brand’ doesn’t really help that much. If the general response it garners for your average punter is ‘wasn’t that show really shit?, will it do a feature film any favours?

Conversely, you have to factor in all the fans of the original series. Those people like us, who have very fond memories of the TV show and want more. I know the size of the B5 fandom pales in comparison to say Trek, but we are a passionate bunch and I’ve converted plenty of friends by sitting them doing and binge watching the show.

I tend to think the film will have the same spirit of the B5 we love and know, but will differ in interesting ways. So, it should probably retain the tagline, Babylon 5.

This thing better get made, so we can find out! Although, I will have enjoyed the discussion it generated even if it doesn’t.
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