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Re: How would you reboot B5?

I'm still extremely iffy over the idea of a reboot and want to see new things, not old things revisited, but if we have to have a reboot then either go with the original Babylon 5/Babylon Prime premise, or go with what the sequel series was going to be before we got Crusade, which is about building an empire and the role of the Rangers. I can see the empire-building plot line being particularly intriguing, visiting different worlds, political intrigue, wars, etc. It could easily become a 'Game of Thrones' in space.

I see no reason to dispose of Chris Franke but if we really wanted a new sound, then what about Ramin Djawadi, who has done some impressive stuff on GOT (even more impressive considering he was originally one of Hans Zimmer's clones). Jean Michel Jarre has also expressed an interest in film composing, and remember his father was a very famous film composer. Not Bear McCreary though – his Europa Report is a fine score, but his music for BSG felt like just a lot of percussion and ill-fitting celtic sounds. I'm not sure it's Vangelis' style to do leitmotif? But like Jarre he would be interesting. But yeah, leitmotif was something I felt was missing from Franke's score and if the reboot was to be even more character-oriented than the original show, then leitmotif becomes more and more important.
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