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Re: How would you reboot B5?

Originally Posted by JonFrain View Post
1) Shortened seasons, the only filler episodes would be there to provide a break from the serious arcs, think the episode with the fly in Breaking Bad.

2) Writing team - JMS is great but he does have some shortcomings that trusted writers could help improve (humor and dialog). JMS has final say but even David Chase and Vince Gilligan recognized the value of a writing team.

3) Darker, more adult storytelling. Return to Sinclair as the center.

4) Solid production values with a real budget.

4) Unsure on composer. I loved Franke's score but I'm not sure his musical style holds up today. Bear McReary may be a better choice but he'd have to avoid sounding like BSG.
I like full-length seasons. Filler can be problematic, but it can also be used to do major worldbuilding and also character development. Arc-wise, this isn't a probem. Let's take the example of "Longmire," which tells a great 13-episode arc-heavy series. This ends on a cliffhanger and does another one next year. There's no reason, however, why they couldn't do a 13-ep Arc, and then start ANOTHER 13-episode arc following that in the same year, with a cliffhanger at episode 9. The next season picks up the 2nd arc at episode 10, and on episode 14 we get a NEW 13 episode arc.

Or do two 11 episode arcs, with a 22-episode subpot to tie 'em together.

"Dark" is kind of done. I don't mean that to be dismissive or argumentative or anything, it's just that it was a trend, and it's sort of played out now. There hasn't been a dark space-based show since SGU went off the air 3 or 4 years back, and there hasn't been a SUCCESSFUL dark space based show since the end of the 3rd season of BSG. You could try it, you could maybe even pull it off, but you're working against current trends. Actually, making a space-based show at the moment is bucking trends. We're in the longest space-drought since 1987

Bear McReary is my go-to compser, as well. He can do a lot of different styles, and the BSG sound would suit some (Imagine crazy Narn fight scenes!)

Failing that, another interesting thing to do would be to go leitmotif, with a different theme for each major character, and a few overall themes. Have all that done by one composer. I don't care who. I'll throw a name out there, not that we could afford him: Vangelis.

So Vangelis does season 1 ONLY. Season 2, we hire a new composer. The new composer picks up where Vangelis left off. Still leitmotif, but he puts his own spin on the existing themes. A couple of Van's themes are retired. A couple new themes for new characters are introduced. Again, I'm just throwing names out here, so let's say Mike Oldfield as he's the only one I can think of at the moment, but I don't really want him.

Season 3, same thing: New composer, same music, but with his own spin, some new themes, retire a few from sesons 1 and 2, etc. Say Danny Elfman, whom we could not afford.

Season 4: same thing: Use Bear.

Season 5: Same thing: Use, I dunno, whomever it is that does the Airbender/Legend of Korra music. He's awesome.

That way you get evolving music on every level. Prohibitively expensive, but interesting.

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