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Re: The David Sheridan Incident/Lost Episode

It would have been great to see a few episodes dedicated to David Sheridan, be it the ‘incident’ or the proposed time travel three parter. The proposal for the three part episode definitely tracks for me. I can completely buy elements of fascism creeping into the alliance under Sheridan.

Even though he was under Bester’s control at the time, I always thought there was a grain of truth to Garibaldi’s observations about Sheridan, and I could definitely buy into the alliance becoming exactly the kind of thing it was meant to oppose.

I must admit, I always felt a bit cheated by the flash forward to the events of ‘Sleeping in Light’. There’s something to be said for leaving certain thing undocumented, but I’d love to see some of those gaps filled. A shame some S5’s much mailgned teep arc couldn’t have been ditched in favour of the David Sheridan centric stuff.

Kevin, I think you’re theory / ideas around the David Sheridan incident are pretty solid. It’s fun to speculate, and sometimes I think speculation is all we really have left in the B5 universe!
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