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Re: The Original Battlestar Galactica

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Bit of trivia: if the show had gone to a second season Apollo would have become psychic and left Blue Squadron, and Starbuck would have become the new leader of Blue Squadron. And in Galactic 1980, Starbuck was meant to return in subsequent episodes with the Ship of Light, guiding Troy. Troy would ask about his father, but doesn't tell him what happened to Apollo, but it seemed like Larson was trying to morph it back into the original Galactica. Even Baltar was going to come back. Kent McCord and Barry van Dyke were practically going on strike as they thought they were about to be replaced by the original actors... in short it was a mess but I almost wish it had continued to see what would have happened with the old characters returning.

Had it gone to a 2nd season, they'd have killed off most of the sprawling supporting cast, and given double-duty to the remainders. The season premier was to be called "The Return of the Pegasus" and it might actually have been good. It would have killed off Tigh, Dr. Salik, Dr. Wilker, and Sheeba. Boxey would have been sent to a boarding school ship so Apollo could get some funky love. Kids are a damper on that. Boomer would have taken over as the ships science officer, Cassieopeia would have taken over as the ship's doctor. They also would have introduced humanoid cylons (Mainly because the chrome ones were too hard to film) Oh, and a re-cast Athena would take Tighs' job.

I don't recall anything about Apollo becoming psychic.

As for G-80, you're only a little bit off. The original concept there was that it was set 5 years after the end of the original show, and the core cast would have been Adama, Starbuck, Apollo, and Baltar. Baltar has somehow redeemed himself and is president of the council of 12. He wants to change history on earth so they can be ready for the Cylons. The council refuses, so he goes rogue and does it himself. Apollo was going to chase Baltar through time attempting to fix changes Baltar had made, while Starbuck would be traveling back and forth through time from the Galactica to Apollo and back again, bringing information on change and where Baltar is and stuff.

They basically couldn't get Hatch or Bennedict, and couldn't afford Colicos, so they re-cast and re-named the parts, and set it further in the future. (30 years after TOG).

The network insisted on dropping the Time Travel thing early on, and it became effectively 'child care in space.' Horrible.

The "Return of Starbuck" was originally written as "The Return of Apollo," but Hatch was distancing himself from Galactica at the time, as it was regarded as a very bad career move to have been on it. Benedict agreed to do it, and the script was reworked pretty much ONLY by changing the name of the character.

Apollo would have returned as a seraph in subsequent episodes. They'd written another time travel story, but it's unclear if it would have met with network approval (I personally think not, as Christians would have found it extremely sacriligious)

Anyway, the bottom line is that the basic premise of G-80 was never really used, so later on it was heavily re-worked and recycled as "Quantum Leap."

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