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[QUOTE=Jan;447836]As a director, it seems that Richard Compton was distinctly lacking. At the time of "The Gathering", JMS wasn't an experienced editor (something he fixed quickly when the show went to series) and so the original edit left much to be desired as far as character moments are concerned.

Yup. Also he was under pressure from P-10 to make additional cuts in the middle to make room for more commercials.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Personally, I loved O'Hare's performance in the scene where he talks about the Battle of the Line but really didn't care for the girlfriend's (Blair Baron?). I was glad when she didn't make it to the series.

Oh, yeah, he was great. He was great and she was terrible, and the scene as in the P-10 version is basically cut to work AROUND her being terrible, and also to make it shorter for commercial breaks. In the TNT version that's undone, and he's still great, but the scene is massively off-balance because of her. That's all I'm saying. One or two more takes might have fixed it for her, because she's adequate in the other scenes, but they didn't do that for whatever reason. Probably a production reason.

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