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um that scene was cut in the original pilot. the full scene was there in the "special edition.". Personally I think o'hare is awesome in that scene.
I don't see how your comment relates to either of the quotes. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just dont' understand what you said. Can you restate?
You said "then were told it was being trimmed way back." My statement was that it was indeed trimmed in the original pilot. Then you say "the trimmed version we got" - but the full version is in the redone pilot.

My personal feeling is that the full scene works.
Ok, if you think it works you think it works. That means it works for you, that's good enough, I won't argue.

What I was trying to say is sometimes people will shoot scenes that they know won't be in the finished cut, or are unlikely to be in the finished cut, or will be HEAVILY altered in the finished cut because that's just the way the shooting schedule is plotted out, and it'd be more trouble to change the schedule than it's worth. You can usually recognize these scenes in outtakes because the actors don't usually seem very motivated. This used to happen a fair ammount on TV shows, but less so now.

What also happens is that they'll shoot a scene that IS intended to be in the finished product, but it doesn't go the way they wanted, or someone flubs it, or gives an off performance or whatever, and owing to a tight shooting schedule they don't have time to redo it until they get it right. Instead they have to go on to the next scene on the chedule and hope they can come back to do some re-takes of the scene that didn't work. Sometimes they get the chance, sometimes they don't, and they just salvage as best they can from what they got. This happens A LOT in TV.

My suspicion is that the *Full* scene was an example of it being kind of not as satisfactory as they wanted, and the *original cut* in the 1990s pilot movie was their attempt to salvage what they could from it when they weren't able to re-shoot it for whatever reason.

But I could be wrong.

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