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Re: Worst Acting Performance

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
I'd also have to say David Warner in "Grail" just kinda' sleepwalking his way through it. And honestly I thought Mack and Bo from "A View from the Gallery" were stagey as hell.

Ok, what do you think is the worst scene or performance by a member of the principle cast? Meaning no disrespect. Everyone has a bad day. But still...
Yeah, David Warner seemed to spend much of Grail looking bored - but even a bored David Warner is still better than a lot of other actors.

As for principle cast... that scene with Pat Tallman in Between the Darkness and the Light, where she embarks on what is meant to be a humorous rant and she performs it hideously badly. A similar scene, with Claudia and Zathras in Conflicts of Interest, Claudia really overplayed it and it just comes across as staged and hammy.
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