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Re: The Archeology of Dreams

This thread… I find it fascinating.

I’m sensing it began with a bit of melancholy introspection, but the insights that emerge are really interseting to me. It made me think about my own relationship with TV shows and more specifically cult / SF / Genre TV. Or just ‘being a geek’ when growing up.

Full disclosure, I was a total ST: TNG obsessive in my early teens. I taped every episode of the series on VHS, and kept a meticulous library of hand labeled tapes. I’d also try and get the cuts ‘just so’- to ensure that when one episode faded to credits, the next one cut in straight away. If I’d have had the money to buy the official videos, I would have. (In retrospect, thank god I didn’t!)

Anyway – those 42 minutes of TV were pure escapism for me. I’d always watched TOS and enjoyed it, same with Lost in Space, I was quite young at that point, maybe 8-11 years old. When TNG came along, I was in my early teens, and I was instantly hooked. TNG represented 42 minutes where I could forget absolutely everything and just be immersed in that universe. Nothing ever got in the way of that. I never did conventions or anything, but boy did I watch a lot of TNG.

Once I hit my teens, and College / High School with it, I found I didn’t really fit the template adopted by most of my peers. What definited me most at that point was music; I was first and foremost a heavy metal fan, then a gamer and an SF fan. I didn’t change my tastes according to trends and it seemed many of my friends drifted other ways and we increasingly had less and less in common. I slowly ended up being the guy who played Magic The Gathering on my lunch hour with fellow geeks in the library. So it goes.
When B5 came along, I remember being blown away by the boldness of it. Here was a show that didn’t back away from big space battles and had an amazing plot that unfolded continuously. Bizarrely, I only really cemented my love for B5 at University, as it aired in odd time slots when I first saw it!

I’ve found I always gravitate back to B5 when I hit difficult spots in my life. The same goes for gaming. Essentially, a lot of it is nostalgia – I fully realise I’m going back to something comfortable, that I associate with good times. Perhaps that’s not always so healthy, it is essentially escapism… But, when I think about the many good conversations I’ve had with other fans on forums, and the joy of binge watching the show with new viewers… well, it all balances out quite nicely.

When I see threads like this, in some ways it gives me comfort, because I know other people relate to the show in that way too. (Even if their experience does differ greatly from mine)

As a closing comment, this forum seems to have been fairly active of late, which is great. Perhaps I jumped in at just the right time? Things have been a bit kinda quiet of late over at JMS News (also a great little forum populated by lovely, interesting people). So yeah, good to finally stop lurking here and get involved.

I do sometimes wonder if there’s really much left to discuss about B5, what with no new content appearing for years… but, I’m constantly surprised by some of the threads that appear. There’s life in the old girl yet!

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