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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
This is where I really ought to step back because I end up drilling too deep (and it really doesn't matter) but...
All I can tell you is that after many years of reading JMS' posts and seeing him in person, I've never seen the slightest inkling of any enmity he has for Bill Mumy. And frankly, I've 'caught' him telling the truth many, many times when it really didn't matter. Conversely, Bill is more than a little bitter over the fact that his script was spiked. He made a point of telling me about that when I asked him to sign my copy of 'Gut Reactions'.
Ok, we're getting a little twisty and turny here, and that's my fault for not being clear. I said I thought that JMS and Mumy had a falling out. Probably I'm wrong about that. Let's assume for sure I *am* wrong about that.

That still doesn't mean that JMS couldn't have changed his mind about where he wanted Lennier to end up, right? I mean, he intended to have Garibaldi die at one point. He changed his mind. He toyed with the idea of un-killing Marcus. First it was Lyta, then Talia, then the possibility of a new, 3rd teep, then Lyta again. He changes his mind on occasion for reasons other than "they pissed me off."

So it's possible that he simply changed his mind about where Lannier buys the ol' death nugget, and that decision was completely independent of his relationship with Mumy.

(I discuss my theories on that in the thread "The David Sheridan Incident.")

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
(told you I should have stepped back, right?) Actually, the for choices were:
A) Old B5 Crew (during the 5 year arc)
B) New B5 Crew (after the 5 year arc)
C) Garibaldi
D) G'Kar
(copied directly from the coupon in the B5 magazine #19) So there was never any need for him to write about Ivanova at all but he chose to do so.
Did not know that! Wish he'd done "B".

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