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Re: Telepath War

This is where I really ought to step back because I end up drilling too deep (and it really doesn't matter) but...

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
The "I'm not believing it for a minute" thing IS a declaration, though. I honestly don't believe for a minute that that was his 'original' destiny. That doesn't mean that JMS was pissed at him, though. There were a lot of 'original plans' that were set up and never made it to fruition. I see two threads that probably would have come to fruition in the David Sheridan incident that are probably worthy of their own thread, so I'll go start one. Suffice to say, I think Lennier was part of that, and it got dropped for whatever reason.
All I can tell you is that after many years of reading JMS' posts and seeing him in person, I've never seen the slightest inkling of any enmity he has for Bill Mumy. And frankly, I've 'caught' him telling the truth many, many times when it really didn't matter. Conversely, Bill is more than a little bitter over the fact that his script was spiked. He made a point of telling me about that when I asked him to sign my copy of 'Gut Reactions'.

Well, the short story was a fan thing. He put it to a vote: who do you want a story about, and they said "Ivonova." Clearly he couldn't kill her off there.
(told you I should have stepped back, right?) Actually, the for choices were:
A) Old B5 Crew (during the 5 year arc)
B) New B5 Crew (after the 5 year arc)
C) Garibaldi
D) G'Kar
(copied directly from the coupon in the B5 magazine #19) So there was never any need for him to write about Ivanova at all but he chose to do so.

As to SiL, I don't think it's realistic to re-shoot all or part of the episode, particularly on their short schedule and tight budget. They may have talked about it (I'd be surprised if they didn't, really) but it probably wasn't a viable option.
Unknown. Given that it was a season 4 episode and JMS has often said that he returned money to WB each season, a quick change to a couple of scenes might not have been a big deal. Remember, he didn't lock in effects or music until it was time to turn it in as if it were the real 522.

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