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Originally Posted by Springer View Post
That entire second volume of Andy Lane's was full of bitterness. Awful book. Such a shame after the first volume was so good.

If I remember it right (I can check tonight when I get home) she wasn't complaining that Willerth got fired as well as playing Kosh he also assisted the producers. When he caught one of the cast snooping around trying to find any info about the future of their character he reported them and he caught some flak as a result. I don't think he got fired did he?
Wow. Oddly, I don't remember much about the 2nd book. I drove myself crazy trying to find a copy (I discovered the first one long after both were out of print about 10 years ago), read it, and I have next-to-no recolection of it.

I do remember being disappointed, mostly at its brevity and lack of insight. I don't remember any bile, but given that part of the charm of the first book was its 'warts and all' style, it wouldn't surprise me if he was just pissed off at the bad 5th season, and cranked the thing out with as little effort as possible to fulfil a contract.

TOPIC DRIFT: the B5 season-by-season books: I read the first two and adored them 'cuz of their obvioius love of B5, but their willingness to call a turd a turd when need be. It was like it was written by a fan who recognizes the shortcomings of their favorite thing, but loves it anyway. Honest. Then, from three on they were far more...sterile? I guess that's the best way to put it. Not a negative word in 'em. I was actually doubtful they were written by the same author for a little while, but, yeah, they were.

Anyone know anything about the tonal shift there?

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