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I don't know all the ins and outs of it but as a professional actor, my understanding is that if you work for less than you have before, that effectively lowers your 'quote' or the amount you can ask for. Unless you're very well established, I hear it's a bad idea to work for less, regardless of sentiment. There's a lot of detail about that sort of thing in Pat's memoir.

Ok, that makes sense. Particularly given that she's primarily known as a stuntwoman, and was trying to break into the larger acting scene in her 40s, after the end of her only steady acting gig. Probably a bad time to settle for less.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Yes and no. They're usually contracted for X number of episodes per season and that amount is pro-rated into a salary. If they don't work X number of episodes, they still get paid for them. But not all actors in the opening credits (a good measure of principal actors) are even contracted for a guaranteed number of episodes. I recall JMS saying that for the first two seasons Andreas and Peter weren't given guarantees.
I think JMS said 7 episodes/season minimum to be part of the principle cast, though most did considerably more. That fits with his general sixes-and-sevens pattern when B5 was on.

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Apologies. I'm obviously not used to your style of asking questions. "Also, I'm not buying for a minute that the original plan called for him to die in the Telepatth War" seemed more of a declaration.
Not needed. I'm obviously not used to reining it in when I'm in polite company. Sorry.

The "I'm not believing it for a minute" thing IS a declaration, though. I honestly don't believe for a minute that that was his 'original' destiny. That doesn't mean that JMS was pissed at him, though. There were a lot of 'original plans' that were set up and never made it to fruition. I see two threads that probably would have come to fruition in the David Sheridan incident that are probably worthy of their own thread, so I'll go start one. Suffice to say, I think Lennier was part of that, and it got dropped for whatever reason.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Sure he could. He didn't lock the episode and turn it in until the fifth season. He was even asked about changing Lochley for Ivanova but said he'd decided to leave it since it was the way he'd always envisioned it. He also didn't kill her off in the short story starring Ivanova written after the show ended.
Well, the short story was a fan thing. He put it to a vote: who do you want a story about, and they said "Ivonova." Clearly he couldn't kill her off there. As to SiL, I don't think it's realistic to re-shoot all or part of the episode, particularly on their short schedule and tight budget. They may have talked about it (I'd be surprised if they didn't, really) but it probably wasn't a viable option.

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