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Okay, so I have Andy Lane's offending book in front of me. To stay on topic I'll start with what Pat writes about her aborted Crusade appearance. She says that originally she was out of town when it was scheduled to shoot so couldn't do it; JMS had called her to ask her to change her mind, saying it was two or three great scenes. While she is away she hears from a friend who had been in a meeting with JMS who had apparently said "fine, we'll recast her". When she gets home she gets another call from the production offices asking if she would be available on a different date. But then she's told that the money will be a sixth of what it was on B5 (which pretty much tallies with JMS' explanation that Jan linked to earlier). She turns it down and gets an increased offer of half of what she'd been paid on B5. She says her self-respect couldn't accept that so she turned that down too stating that it was "just business".

Now, Pat wrote the afterword to this book; I'd forgotten that Jeffrey Willerth wrote a foreword. He says he stayed with Babylonian Productions through to the first two episodes of Crusade. He doesn't say why he left, only that it wasn't on the best of circumstances. He complains that the actors had no information from the producers about whether they would return in the TV movies or Crusade and that they were all getting frustrated and angry because of it and finding stuff out on the internet before being told on the set, and he implies the producers were not caring about the crew, and that they 'wrangled' a new deal out of the union during the season three strike, which doesn't tally with other perspectives on that deal. Even Pat criticizes the producers saying that they would "have the cast feel disposable and replaceable" when in the next breath she praises JMS saying she'd never seen a producer/creator with such loyalty to the whole team and that the DS9 actors were astounded when they found out B5 actors could just walk into the producer's office for a conversation. So it's all very contradictory and I'm wondering whether it was edited a certain way to make it all sound more bitter than it really is.

Okay, that's dragged us off-topic. Hopefully though it can put to bed the idea that Lyta was killed off because Pat fell out with JMS.
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