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Re: Telepath War

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
That entire second volume of Andy Lane's was full of bitterness. Awful book. Such a shame after the first volume was so good.
I agree. Obviously the story wasn't told the way he wanted it to go so as far as he was concerned, it was all bad. It's that sort of thing that gives unauthorized books a bad reputation.

If I remember it right (I can check tonight when I get home) she wasn't complaining that Willerth got fired as well as playing Kosh he also assisted the producers. When he caught one of the cast snooping around trying to find any info about the future of their character he reported them and he caught some flak as a result. I don't think he got fired did he?
I do remember that part in the fifth season but I don't think that had anything to do with his leaving. And he may not have been fired, as in he did anything wrong, he may just have been let go for business reasons. I'm not sure if he transitioned over to Crusade? If you find out, I'll be interested to hear. Given that I couldn't check on my own, I probably shouldn't have mentioned it at all.

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