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Re: Telepath War

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
I think you're mixing up your stories. Bottom line was that she turned it down because of money. They (Babylonian) offered what they could, she felt it wasn't enough. I'd imagine that JMS simply phrased it as an availability matter because it's none of our business.
Hadn't heard that one, but it works. A bit odd that she wouldn't do it for old times sake, but, hey, everyone makes bum decisions.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Wow, seriously? It never occurred to you that it might be a budget issue? <sarcasm>
Of course it did. We seldom had the entire cast on the show at the same time ever. There was more of that in S5, though. But aren't principle cast actors salaried? I mean, don't they get paid whether they're in an episode or not?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Yeah, JMS was so pissed at Mumy that he gave him (and Peter David) a writing assignment for season 5. Boy, howdy, that's sure pissed all right. </sarcasm> And while that script was spiked, there's at least as much evidence that it was because JMS changed his mind about how the Centauri War was going to go as anything else. I know, because *I've got the script* and I've offered the synopsis here a number of times.
Jan, you've got to calm down. I asked a question in a humorous fashion, that's all. I asked because I don't know. That's why people ask questions: Because they don't know. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I'm happy you know more than I do. That's why I asked the question: So I could know more than I did. And now I do. So thank you, and please calm down.

Originally Posted by Crusade Writer's Bible dated June 18, 1998
Lennier, former aide to Delenn, is deceased, killed in action during the telepath crisis in 2265
Yes, I know. I've got it.

Though if I were to follow my "JMS is pissed at Bill" theory through, that wouldn't prove anything as it would have been written at some point AFTER he theoretically got pissed at him.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Anyway, remember that Claudia pissed him off plenty but her character didn't get killed off.
He couldn't. She'd already filmed "Sleeping in Light."

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