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Going from what I remember being discussed at the time I also thought Pat's non-involvement was down to money, and how small the role was (I'm sure I remember a quote from her where she wasn't impressed at all with what she was offered). Pat and JMS still work together today Pat works with him on Studio JMS so I don't see how they had a falling out. I'll dig through my B5 magazines this evening and see if I can find it.

Regarding Lennier, I remember Mumy saying he wasn't happy with how his character betrayed Sheridan but nothing else. I do find it odd that Lennier ended up dying in the Telepath War as the telepath plot never had anything to do with Lennier, but I guess that is an untold story of how Lennier and Lyta came to work together. All things considered, I think Lennier had plenty of time spent on him over the five seasons. He was only in 6 or 7 episodes in season 1 and the same again in season 2, remember. From season 3 onwards he seemed to get a larger role, mainly helping out on the White Star. In season 5 he had a great little heroic arc when he went off looking for proof that Centauri ships were behind the attacks.

Delenn was certainly training Lennier to replace her one day, but once Lennier fell in love with her, I think his path was set.
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