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Re: Telepath War

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
Originally Posted by Raw Shark View Post
Patricia Tallman was supposed to be in the Crusade episode 'The Path of Sorrows,' which was to depict Lyta's death, self-detonating using her super-telepath abilities to destroy the hidden Psi Corps headquarters. She wasn't available,
According to HER, that's not what happened. She said JMS called her up and said "I got a great script for you," and she said "Send it by" and then she never heard from him again. Availability wasn't an issue.

I heard someone else (Possibly JMS, but I don't remember. It was someone connected to the show, though) say that the network just didn't want to use Pat. They felt it would be confusing to viewers to bring in characters from B5, they thought she was too old, a buncha' stuff.
I think you're mixing up your stories. Bottom line was that she turned it down because of money. They (Babylonian) offered what they could, she felt it wasn't enough. I'd imagine that JMS simply phrased it as an availability matter because it's none of our business.

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
I ask because, seriously, SOMETHING must have happened to make Mumy fall from favor. He's all over the place in Seasons 1-4, and though he's not the star, he is definitely a shining light, and he just brought so much to every scene. No offence to Stephen Furst, who did a great job, but Mumy was just chocolate-coated chocolate awesome with chocolate filling. And it was obvious that Lannier was being built up for some greater destiny. He had a future in front of him. It was probably something he wouldn't survive, but it was important.

Annnnnnnnnnnd then he's barely in Season 5, and he betrays his own character in a clumsy change of heart/change back scene. And then he's re-cast as an extra and dies with barely a namecheck.

Seriously: What the frack?

I mean, something MUST have happened.

Also, I'm not buying for a minute that the original plan called for him to die in the Telepath war. Dying rescuing Delen and Sheridan, that I could buy, but being bumped off like that in Crusade?

Nope, nope, nope, not buying it. Something musta' happened. JMS gets pissed, he kills your character.
Wow, seriously? It never occurred to you that it might be a budget issue? <sarcasm> Yeah, JMS was so pissed at Mumy that he gave him (and Peter David) a writing assignment for season 5. Boy, howdy, that's sure pissed all right. </sarcasm> And while that script was spiked, there's at least as much evidence that it was because JMS changed his mind about how the Centauri War was going to go as anything else. I know, because *I've got the script* and I've offered the synopsis here a number of times.

You can 'buy' anything you want about the plans for him to die during the Telepath War but it's in black and white in the Crusade Bible. In fact, their paragraphs are one after the other:

Originally Posted by Crusade Writer's Bible dated June 18, 1998
Lennier, former aide to Delenn, is deceased, killed in action during the telepath crisis in 2265

Lyta Alexander, who helped create a forct to bring down the Psi Corps, was also killed in action during the telepath crisis.
Anyway, remember that Claudia pissed him off plenty but her character didn't get killed off.

Originally Posted by KoshN
Don't forget Lyta. Both Lennier AND Lyta were to have died in The Path of Sorrows (Matheson's flashback).

Seems like JMS can hold a grudge forever and be a tad spiteful.
So you're saying that Pat Tallman pissed him off somehow? How? We're talking about the FIRST draft of "The Path of Sorrows", written before she was ever even contacted about the part.

And the script specifies that we only see Lennier from the back. There would be no reason to pay for Mumy to have been there at all. Any more than there would have been for Doyle to appear in 'Value Judgments' since Garibaldi would only have been seen from the back, too. Babylonian didn't spend money unnecessarily and having either of those actors for those scenes would have been a complete waste.

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