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Hmm, I haven't heard anything about Bill Mumy and a falling out or anything like that. He was at the Phoenix convention, no problems that I could see. But the circumstances of Andrea Thompson and Claudia Christian were less than ideal, and they were there too.

Yes, just a theory of mine. And much like what you said about JMS showing us a scene and then it turns out to be different from what we think we're seeing, I think he showed us the Psi Corps HQ being obliterated because it looked like the end of the Telepath War. But he loves going back to an event, and revealing something new about it. I love when he does this. I think that something new in this case is that it appears to Matheson and the others in the flashback that the war is over, but it isn't, it's about to get much worse. Psi Corps' leaders have gathered at HQ because they think they're about to crush the Resistance. Instead, they get vaporized, and the Resistance base is deserted. The war is not over. Bester is not there, or he'd be dead. The Corps has telepaths all over Earth, Mars and the colonies, and of course in hyperspace, aboard the Motherships. It is said in the books or someplace that Bester becomes leader of the Corps during the conflict. The death of his superiors would pave the way for him to fill the vacuum. Psi Corps is on the ropes after losing their HQ, and may face a backlash from EarthDome for having let the war get so far out of control. Nuclear weaponry being detonated on the homeworld would shake any confidence that the Corps has a solid plan to end the crisis. The EA President might have a plan to bring the Corps under much stronger supervision, and let normals force a solution to the telepath problem. Bester can't allow that, it would undo generations of work, and put his telepaths in danger. And he has options.

Sheridan mentions something in 'A Call to Arms' about the last time he showed up in Earth space with an alien fleet, referring to his campaign to oust Clark, right? Or, what if this is yet another bit of misdirection, and he's really talking about when he had to take a war fleet to Earth AGAIN, to kick the Corps out of power because Bester has gone around the bend, and his reign of terror is far worse than anything Clark did? Leading a decapitated and weakened Psi Corps, he activates the sleeper agents, takes over Earthforce, moves to crush the Resistance, and seizes control of EarthGov, all at the same time. Telepaths would be in control, and normals would become subjects, just like he said years ago in 'Ship of Tears.' The 'thought police' nightmare would soon be a reality. And once Sheridan found out what had happened, what choice would he have? Can you imagine the Telepath War being resolved without Sheridan leading his coalition into the fray? JMS has described the war as a conflict between Psi Corps and Lyta's Resistance, with normals caught in the middle. Maybe all of the normals.

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