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Originally Posted by Raw Shark View Post
Patricia Tallman was supposed to be in the Crusade episode 'The Path of Sorrows,' which was to depict Lyta's death, self-detonating using her super-telepath abilities to destroy the hidden Psi Corps headquarters. She wasn't available,
According to HER, that's not what happened. She said JMS called her up and said "I got a great script for you," and she said "Send it by" and then she never heard from him again. Availability wasn't an issue.

I heard someone else (Possibly JMS, but I don't remember. It was someone connected to the show, though) say that the network just didn't want to use Pat. They felt it would be confusing to viewers to bring in characters from B5, they thought she was too old, a buncha' stuff.

Both of those stories are probably true. OTOH, the rumors that they actually FILMED Pat's scenes, then cut 'em and re-shot 'em with another actress are certainly untrue.

Originally Posted by Raw Shark View Post
Although the episode makes it looks like this attack is the final nail in Psi Corps' coffin, I think it's the breaking point, after which the shit really hits the fan.
Eh. It's a theory. My own theory (No more valid than yours) is that we were watching the climax. JMS likes to show us scenes without context so that we only figure them out later on. So we know what we saw, but we don't know what it meant. So I tend to think that was the last nail, and that the Psi Corps movie/trilogy, had it/they ever been made, would have culminated with that.

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