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Re: JMS' Viewing Order

Originally Posted by AlanMoore View Post
Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Really, don't worry about it in the slightest. Watch 'The Gathering' and then the episodes in the order they come on the DVDs and simply get immersed in the story for the first time. You won't really appreciate the nuances until the second time, anyway so just concentrate on it as presented in the simplest way possible - which is how those of us who watched it in its first run saw it.

Enjoy. I envy you your first two viewings!

So, there is no need to watch the movies in the order JMS himself advices, between the episodes of the series?
Just out of curiosity, does it make sense the suggestion to watch the season 4 finale as series finale? (no spoilers, of course... just be vague )
I stand by this....

....order. If you do not watch the TV movies where they are supposed to go chronologically, keep in mind when watching them where they are supposed to go, i.e. what timeframe they're from.. HOWEVER, watch The Gathering FIRST.
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