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Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
I'm torn: Is Drew Pinsky a good guy who has been corrupted by celebrity and easy money, or is the always-corrupt son of an unsuccessful actress that realized getting a degree could grant him celebrity and easy money?

Because I used to like him when he first hit the public eye, and he seemed helpful, but now I'm kind of ashamed to admit I ever felt like that. Because every time I see him, he's just kind of low-key despicable.
<shrug> He's very presentable and he presents himself well and I suppose that *perhaps* he might do some good in making mental health issues more understandable to people. But he also caters to the lowest, basest impulses of human nature by putting people's pain on display and I despise him for it.

Poor Jeff. He was getting used by a lot of people at the end there, and I wonder if he knew it or not. Was he allowing himself to be used because at least he'd get some help/money that way, or was he too far gone to even realize what was being done to him? Poor guy.
I don't know. I might be able to form a true opinion if I saw the uncut footage from the rehab show but there's no real telling. What I did see (only a couple of the episodes, I couldn't bring myself to watch any more) left me with the impression that he really did want to get clean again.

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