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There was a fair amount of emotion on display in Phoenix. I loved the stories about Jerry Doyle living with Andreas Katsulas, and the free ham he was obsessed with getting his hands on. And that part about several of the cast watching Galaxy Quest together one night was very funny.

But my favorite part was Tracy Scoggins' defense of her friend Jeff Conaway's reputation. Prior to his death, they had been friends for many years. After years of dancing and performing on Broadway and elsewhere, he had (I think) several injuries to his back and elsewhere, and got hooked on prescription painkillers. That's how a lot of addicts start out, and after sustaining my own injuries I've become keenly aware of this trend over the last few years. She was really unhappy with the way he was portrayed on the reality series Celebrity Rehab, which I'm guessing was along the lines of a self-absorbed, overly dramatic trainwreck. I haven't seen the show, I hate reality tv with all my heart, but that's what she was implying. She said he was not like he appeared on the rehab show, but was instead a good friend and a good man. It didn't quite fit with the other topics being discussed, but she needed to say it, and I thought it was pretty damn cool. Count me as a Tracy Scoggins fan.

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