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Re: Michael O'Hare

I can only point to a few really bad scenes (The bar scene in "Born to the Purple" is cringingly awful), and some occasionally odd line readings, but I think the problem is that Stage acting and Screen acting are different animals. On state you're playing for the cheap seats in the back, and tend to be a little exaggerated in nuance. Screen is more intimate, the perormances more measured and restrained. (Example: "The Producers" broadway musical, which is pretty good, versus the movie version of "the Producers" musical, which is terrible [Though the John Barrowman part cracks me up])

I think O'Hare was primarily a stage actor, and he didn't really have time to find the sweet spot between the two mediums. As a result, I think he might have played the stoicism "too big," if that makes sense. He over-sold it. I can see how this would make people think he's merely wooden, and not give him the second chance he deserved.

On the other hand, in his "Achiles sulking in his tent" scenes, his over-selling it just totally rocks and is amazing.

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