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Re: Michael O'Hare

I agree, the description on Wikipedia almost makes it sound like O'Hare became ill, or that his illness was made worse, partly because of the character he was playing but I don't recall JMS ever saying that.

Did Sinclair have PTSD? He certainly had survivor's guilt, which is pretty much what Garibaldi implies at the end of 'Infection', and is also hinted at with his memories of Mitchell in 'And the Sky Full of Stars'. He was haunted by the events on the line and his missing 24 hours. But people suffering PTSD also experience paranoia, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, withdrawal and a lack of confidence. I never saw any of that in Sinclair and we never saw Franklin discussing it with him. Sinclair was very confident, very sure of his abilities and his decision-making, never became flustered or hesitant. He didn't have a problem getting back into a Starfury and going back into battle or of working with Minbari. It does make me wonder a little bit if people are conflating Sinclair with O'Hare's illness, of which we do not know the details.

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