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Michael O'Hare

I've been able to find the time recently to have a little bit of a re-watch of season 1 and have managed to get through the first 12 episodes in two days. One of the things that has really struck home on this rewatch is what a superb job Michael O'Hare did, and in hindsight knowing what he was going through it makes his work seem even more extraordinary. O'Hare came in for a lot of stick from people saying he was wooden, but I honestly don't see it (seriously, tell me a scene where you think he was wooden?). I think part of it is due to people's expectations of what the lead of a show like B5 should be like, but the character of Sinclair was never meant to be charismatic like Kirk or Sheridan. What O'Hare, and in turn Sinclair, had in abundance was gravitas - he had a presence and his voice was just great, it commanded respect and authority and he played the role of the traumatised commander superbly in my opinion. So I just wanted to recognise the work that O'Hare did and I'll always value season one for his performance as Sinclair.
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