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Re: B5 Hashtag ( #freeBabylon5 ) on Twitter

Posting this here as well as at

Hey everyone, I just want to add my voice to the already loud shout of appreciation for Jan's hard work on this campaign. Doesn't she deserve a BIG shout of praise for her continuing commitment to the #FreeBabylon5 campaign?

It's not easy to organise all this stuff as well as hold down a normal life ... as well as the expense of funding the campaign mostly out of her own pocket.

And I for one wouldn't know how to handle myself in front of many fans at the forthcoming Comic Con.

It's about time we thanked Jan and Jenny plus the other campaign front runners for their determination, massive amount of hard work ... and now sleepless nights to add to that ... in keeping this campaign running!

Way to go, Jan. We're all with you.
"Choose again."
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