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Re: Babylon 5: Ten Lost Tales that Sholud Be Found

Originally Posted by JonFrain View Post

You mean more B5 made by JMS. Eventually WB will tap that property again. Right now they know they won't have fan support without JMS.
Interesting point. While Paramount owned Trek and not Roddenberry, Roddenberry continually threatened to sink Trek by campaigning against it on many occasions, and trashing it with the fans. Exactly how disastrous this would have been is unclear, but Paramount didn't want to chance it, so they just played nice. They put him in carge of TNG, and quickly realized they'd made a HUGE mistake, as the man simply wasn't a good showrunner anymore. This resulted in massive pissing contests behind the scenes (Wonder why Crusher left? Wonder why she returned?) and ultimately resulted in Roddenberry being removed from the show in all but name. They promoted him out of their way and gave him a job that consisted of little more than cashing a check.

Even still, the guy was threatening to trash Trek if people didn't bow and scrape before him. Valeris in "The Undiscovered Country?" That was written as Saavik. Roddenberry forced them to change it.

The question is: would TNG et al have been hits if Roddenberry campaigned against 'em? I'm going to say 'yes.' The time and place were right. Would revived B5 be a hit w/out Joe? I'm less clear on that. Roddenberry took a lot of credit for Trek's success, but it was very much a team effort. JMS gave a lot of credit for B5' success, but it was very much "The Joe Show."

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