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Re: Would Fanfilms Help B5 Make Some Kind of Return?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
WB and Paramount might as well be in different universes. Cawley got permission from Paramount to do the Phase 2 films. Given that JMS spent two years trying to buy the rights to B5 back from WB and failed, how likely do you think it is that they'd allow amateurs play in their sandbox? Answer, someplace between zero and zilch.
I've heard conflicting stories on Cawley and "Permission." Some say he had it, some say that just someone in Roddenberry's family said "Sure," but as the Roddenberries don't own Trek, it carries no weight. I don't know.

But even if he did, he wasn't the first person to make a Trek fan film (Hidden Frontier were the first batch cranking 'em out consistently). He wasn't even the first person to make a high-quality one. (THe Exeter people beat him by a year or two) Back in the '70s/'80s, Paramount was very sue-happy on the subject.

At some point, however, either they just couldn't keep up, or they recognized it as free publicity, or they just stopped caring. It's not that Fan Films aren't illegal - they totally are - but Paramount has agreed to turn a blind eye so long as no one's making any money.

Warners, though, I have no idea how they'd react.

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