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Re: A Thought About the Vorlons

When the Drakh escaped Z'ha'dum shortly prior to its destruction, they took all the shadowtech they could cary, so there's lots of that around. The Psicorps books tell us that the Technomages themselves are shadowtech (or dependent upon it) and didn't want to be used for evil purposes. We know from the unproduced scripts for Crusade that there was at least one Earthforce secret base using shadowtech (And presumably they made the Shadow Omegas). The Franklin movie was going to involve Shadowtech, so basically the galaxy is lousy with the stuff.

I really think there's probably a ton of Vorlon tech, too. Not counting their homeworld, or the Telepaths, there were an unspecified number of bases and outposts, there are fragments of ships that were destroyed, there was Kosh II (Gezundheit)'s transport, there was something on Venus (Don't recall exactly what), There's the Thirdspace device, or was. As has been pointed out, there's whatever info the Vorlons shared with the Minbari in the construction of the White Stars, and this was obviously useful as they extrapolated it in the construction of the Excalibur.

I don't think there's any less Vorlontech floating around than there is Shadowtech. The differences are these:
1) The Shadows, by their nature, were sloppy, and the Vorlons, by their nature, were fastidious.
2) Shadowtech seems to be deliberately invasive, and hence is probably fairly easy to use. Vorlon tech is probably more discrete, and evasive, and probably doesn't WANT to be used.

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