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Let's rewrite season 5...well, not physically DO it, but, you know what I mean...

Ok, I'm not *ACTUALLY* suggesting that we actually write scripts or anything, but you know how the Star Trek Phase II people are essentially making "TOS: Season 4"? Imagine for a moment doing the conceptual reverse. What if season 5 was remade as a fan film series.

Yeah, yeah, I realize that's impossible and I'm not suggesting we do it. But it's an interesting intelectual puzzle.

We all know what happened in Season 5. Some good, a lot of meh, a disturbing level of flat-out-bad. So assume you decided to retroactively remove it from continuity, and start over again at season 5, episode 1, with the same exact situation we were left with at the end of Season 4:

Both wars are over, Sheridan's president and married, Garibaldi's reunited with his lost love, Ivonova's alive, and Marcus is dead. B5 is for all intents and purposes the capital of the galaxy.

Now what?

Start from scratch. You can save such S5 storylines as you like, dispense with ones you didn't, and introduce new things from whole cloth. I have my own ideas of where I'd run with the story, but I'm interested to hear what you guys think.

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