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Re: B5 Hashtag ( #freeBabylon5 ) on Twitter

There's a basic information page up at now. Later on there'll be ways to contact WB and TV stations about getting the show back on the air (or on cable, or even streaming (legally)).

And to be clear, that's all this is about - getting B5 back available so that potential fans might be able to find it and watch it. Maybe in the future something new might come along but that's not what we're concentrating on.

Anybody who doesn't want to help, that's up to them. But I hope they (you all) will join in. As JMS posted:

Originally Posted by JMS
Point is, whether we do more B5 or not, the show is going to continue to fall into obscurity unless it's put out where people can see it, and the fandom will continue to diminish. If you're cool with that, then you don't have to do anything. If you'd like to see the original show grow and expand within the ranks of fandom, then maybe some involvement would be a good idea.
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