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Re: Babylon 5: Ten Lost Tales that Sholud Be Found

Originally Posted by Raw Shark View Post
HBO's series budgets vary. The reason I saw for Deadwood being canceled was that each episode cost $5 million, which was more than HBO was willing to continue funding. That figure was largely due to location shooting in the California mountains, and a small army of extras who were kept on the payroll so you'd see the same faces walking around the town from one episode to the next. I'm not sure anyone noticed this attention to detail, I didn't. Great series, though. JMS said Babylon 5 episodes cost a little less than $1 million each, not sure what that number would be in today's dollars.
It'd be about a million five now.

Stargate was a really cheap show to shoot for Showtime. I think like a million per for five years, 110 episodes. I was under the impression that SG1 generally cost about a million per, SGA generally cost about 2 million per, and SGU was about 3 million per, but I've recently come to realize I'm off on that by a considerable margin.

"Kings" and "Terra Nova" both ran about $4 million/per, and both were dead in 13 weeks. "House of Cards" likewise runs about $4 million/per, and did 13 weeks, but they had a 2-year deal up front. The new Galactica ran - I think - about a million five per.

There've been more expensive shows, but it generally seems the SF Genre can't bring in enough viewers to justify budgets in the $3-4 million range. Not counting "Lost," of course, which stayed firmly in the SF closet until the 5th season.

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