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Re: Babylon 5: Ten Lost Tales that Sholud Be Found

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Reality check:

1) Time Warner is the largest, most successful media company in the history of the world. They didn't get that way by throwing good money after bad. In fact, they got that way by mass-producing very cheap, high-quality entertainment, and trusting their people to do their jobs so long as they brought stuff in on time and on budget.
I don't live in the US so not sure how HBO works but they seem to make good quality shows and reduce the cost by making only 10 episode seasons. Game of Thrones probably uses as much SFX as a new series of B5 would.
HBO and Showtime get their money by charging subscribers a monthly fee. Some of that money goes into making shows. Sometimes they simply get a studio to make a show for them w/out paying, and the studio hopes it'll make the money back in syndcation and/or DVD. Sometimes the pay cable channels make the shows outright. Usually it's a combination of these.

Seasons can and do go a lot longer. Stargate SG1 did standard 22-episode seasons the five years it ran on Showtime. Some go far less.

The new player in town is Netflix, which is creating new shows and streaming them. Nobody knows if this will make money yet, and it's a big gamble as they've invested a hell of a lot of cash in it. The big examples are the long-awaited 4th season of "Arrested Development" (Which is a huge disappointment) and "House of Cards" (Which is pretty frackin' awesome!) Assuming one can actually make money doing this, this could usher in a new golden age of TV. The whole "If" is a big one, though. Unproven new business model.

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